Taxfender is an interactive consultation platform, seeking to bring tax-saving investment options to Indian taxpayers, in as simple a manner as possible.


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While most of our services are free, we offer premium consultation services to individuals and small businesses.

Tax-saving Investments

Get up-to-date information on current tax-saving investment options, or subscribe to a premium plan to get regular personalised investment advice.

Financial Analysis

Small business owners, get your financials analysed for profitability, cash flows, financial ratios and more, quickly and efficiently, while Individuals can get personal financial planning advice.


Be it specific transaction entries or general bookkeeping queries, we can help you solve your everyday dilemmas.

Income Tax

Clarify income tax related doubts by writing to us.


Information on the GST Law, simplified and categorised into sensible headings to help you find exactly what you need. Subscribe for transactional services.

Stock Analysis

Keen on investing in the equity market? Simply tell us which stock you’re interested in, for a free analysis and report, to help you in your decision.

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