Tax deduction on tuition fees paid for children’s’ education.




  1. Deduction is available only to individuals.
  2. Each parent is allowed to claim tuition fees paid for 2 children. For example, if a couple has 3 children, one parent can claim the fees paid for 2 children and the other parent can claim the fees paid for the third child.
  3. Aggregate amount of deduction available, including all other investments under section 80C is restricted to ₹1.5 lakhs.
  4. The fees should be paid to a University, School or College in India. Fees paid towards private tuition is not allowed.
  5. The amount should be clearly marked under the category ‘Tuition Fees’.  Amounts paid under the same receipt for purposes such as donations, building funds, etc., are not permitted.
  6. Deduction is allowed on payment basis.